Cornish Love

After the end of the three years of our photography degree, it was only right to spend some time exploring the beauty of Cornwall. Having handed our final project in on Tuesday, my friends and I have been visiting various cornish beaches, consuming all the food and just generally enjoying not having anything to do. Although having lived in Cornwall for 15 years, it’s not very often that I have took time to appreciate everything around me because we generally stick to visiting the same places.


Perranporth is such cute little town but I don’t think I have ever actually walked along the beach; if I have it was when I was little. Having lunch at The Watering Hole, we sat and talked, soaking up the gorgeous sunshine. The beach has always been my favourite place so to share it with some of my favourite people was perfect. I don’t think I had ever laughed more in a day.


Continuing to make the most of the sunshine and the freedom, the next day we had a BBQ on Mawgan Porth beach. Although we became a bit unlucky with the weather as it got continually cloudier as we got closer to the North Coast. It didn’t stop us from having the most wonderful time though and we even had a pit stop in Padstow.




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